Our Investment Philosophy

Blueprint Financial Planning's investment philosophy is straightforward: We make recommendations only when we believe there's a sound theoretical and practical foundation for the likelihood of their success. If we don't believe a particular approach adds value, we won't recommend it.

There is a science to investing. While markets are complex adaptive systems too chaotic to allow for precise prediction or control, much has been learned over the years about how to control risk and capture returns. Unfortunately, much of what passes for investment activity has little connection to this science. Many offerings are built on fantasy, and hope, and lack the standards and theoretical foundations necessary for consistent results. The human desire to beat the market is a powerful force.

We believe that successful investment is more about discipline than beating the system by picking hot stocks or timing the market. The question of whether or not individuals can consistently outperform the market has been addressed systematically again and again, and the answer is always the same: they cannot do so.

We also believe in the wisdom of the market, which represents the aggregation of each participant's insights and knowledge, and is truly an example of many heads – millions, in this case - being better than one. No single individual, no matter how intelligent or well-educated, is likely to improve upon the collective wisdom of the market's participants.

Thoughtful analysts study market fluctuations and, through a combination of experienced and educated insight, identify and harness sources of risk and return. Disciplined approaches to re-balancing and cost controls can add value as well. To learn more about these approaches, please see our "Investment Approach" section. 

Successful investing comes from knowing why you want to invest, understanding that there are no shortcuts, and engaging in a long-term, disciplined process that's guided by fact-based insight.

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