Our Investment Approach

Blueprint Financial Planning's approach to investment portfolio development and management is based on assumptions about the factors that most influence investment success. These factors include:

Asset Allocation

A portfolio's returns are primarily determined by its mix of asset class categories. Asset class categories include:

  • Cash Equivalents, and Short-Term Reserves
  • Short, Intermediate, and Long Term Bonds
  • Domestic Small, Medium, and Large Company Stocks
  • International Developed-Market Stocks
  • International Emerging-Market Stocks
  • Real Estate
  • Alternatives

The Investment Policy Blueprint Financial Planning develops for its clients may include each of these categories.

Fees and Expenses

Future returns to any individual investment, or asset class, are beyond our control. We can, however, control the degree to which returns are reduced by ongoing fees and expenses. Investments with low ongoing expense ratios, therefore, should be favored over investments with relatively high expense ratios.

Size Criteria

Many studies have demonstrated that, in the long run, smaller companies offer higher rates of return than larger companies. A well-diversified portfolio will have a significant allocation to smaller-company stocks.

Our Investment Advisory Services May Include:

  • Designing and implementing an appropriate asset allocation plan
  • Identifying specific assets and investments within each asset class
  • Developing a written Investment Policy Statement
  • Monitoring the performance of the portfolio
  • Rebalancing the portfolio when appropriate
  • Considering the tax impact of trades
  • Recommending changes to the client's Investment Policy Statement

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