About Us

Blueprint Financial Planning was founded by Jeffrey Meenes, MSF, CFP®. As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) with more than twenty years of financial planning and investment advisory experience, and degrees in both Finance and Accounting, Mr. Meenes is uniquely qualified to help clients build a future that reflects their goals. Blueprint Financial Planning focuses on identifying, and responding to, the unique needs of its clients. The firm adheres to principles of independent, comprehensive, educated and trustworthy financial advice.

Blueprint Financial Planning is a Fee-Only Financial Planning firm. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not profit from the sale of financial products to our customers, nor do we receive commissions or referral fees for our work. You pay us for our services directly, and can be assured that our advice is objective and in your best interest. This straightforward approach is our industry's best-practices standard and the clear choice in most effectively serving our clients' needs.

Our comprehensive approach will help you:

  • Plan your financial future and your legacy
  • Create an informed strategy for achieving personal goals
  • Develop an Investment Policy that balances returns and your personal risk tolerance
  • Stay informed about opportunities for improving your financial situation
  • Access an experienced advisor to assist you in your decisions
  • Facilitate difficult family discussions
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from expert, and trusted advice

A successful client-advisor relationship is built on a foundation of communication, chemistry, and trust. Before working with any financial advisor, we recommend that you ask the following questions:

  • Does the advisor work exclusively on your behalf? Does the advisor receive commissions from the products he or she sells? Does the advisor, acting in a fiduciary capacity, place your interests first? Will the advisor acknowledge this in writing? Does the advisor limit and disclose any conflict of interests?
  • Is the advisor you're considering educated in the process of comprehensive financial planning? Does he or she have the appropriate financial knowledge, industry experience and ethics?
  • What is the advisory firm's area of expertise? Is it relevant to your particular situation, and broad enough to address your needs? Are its practitioners able to provide the greatest possible range of financial advice?
  • Will a large firm provide the attentive service that you, your net worth and portfolio deserve?

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Solutions to college funding challenges.

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Social Security Planning Advice

Guidance on collecting Social Security benefits.

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Advice for Retirees      

Maximize the likelihood that your assets last long.

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Advice for Wealth Creation

Achieve financial security and independence.

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